Sweet Beez


Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

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Just left my favorite shaved ice stand. I come here almost everyday. Thanks guys!!! – Krystal, 6/17/16

Once again im very satisfied with my Sweet Beez Shaved Ice. Great job loving all the flavors I’ve tried! – Duke, 6/9/16

S/O to the Breaux’s for the shaved ice. I love me some Wedding Cake with Cream. Yummy yummy in my tummy! – Lanea, 5/28/16

My son’s and I tired Sweet Bee’z for the first time yesterday…loooooooove it…my new number one spot…even the ice by itself was amazing…great customer service as well… we’ll definitely be back – Dina, 5/19/16

I went for the first time yesterday and had mango and green apple with cream. Green apple stood out the most. Being from Louisiana I’m used to a little more cream, but the flavor was good nonetheless. The ice is soft and fine like it should be. FINALLY a place who does it right!!! I will be returning. The sizes are good for the cost. They aren’t overpriced like other places with chunky ice. – Frankie, 5/19/16

Service was a little slow but like all great things it takes time for a good product. I will be back again with the kids. PS needs more seating. – Duke, 5/10/16

First time there and really like it is will go back here again – Sarah, 4/12/16

The best in Town — Lamar, 3/27/16

Had the Chamoyada and it was amazing specially with the extra Tajin Salt. My husband had the Mango Lemonade one and it was also amazing. We will for sure go back. — Lucero, 3/27/16

Amazing shaved ice and fantastic selection! Can’t wait to go again!!! — Christian, 3/27/16

Just came for the first time a few minutes ago with my hubby. U have to try the fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade. It was so awesome!!!! And the homemade sausage link was so flavorful and good and the sauce was awesome!!! Such nice friendly owners!!!!! Hey and the Zydeco music was a plus!!!!!!. — Salina, 3/20/16

First time there and really like it is will go back here again — Sarah, 10/12/15

Man y’all have my business for now on. This was so good I ate it in the car lol — Lamar, 11/6/15

Well I finally got my Stawberry Cheese Cake with cream! It was well worth the wait! — Monae, 10/16/15

This was well woth the wait! — Monae, 10/16/15

Try the strawberry cheese cake. It was so good. I am glad they are in the neighborhood. … — Stephen, 10/16/15

Yummy cheesecake and tropical punch with cream. They both were good but my next one will be without the cream. The ice is very soft which I really like. — Andrea, 10/13/15