Sweet Beez


Walter and Angela Breaux is the founder and owner of Sweet Bee’z. We started the company summer of 2015. Craving for shaved ice, Angela quickly realized there wasn’t any shaved ice businesses in our local area. After doing some extensive research, we decided to open our first Shaved Ice business. Soon after, we purchased our very first shaved ice trailer.

We serve a variety of handcrafted iced cold beverages such as freshly squeezed lemonade, real fruit smoothies, old fashion milkshakes, including the core of our business “Shaved Ice”, which some might call it a Snoball, Snow-Cone, or Hawaiian Shaved Ice. We take pride in using high quality ingredients in all of our products.

What’s the difference between Shaved Ice and a Snow Cone?


  1. Shaved ice, is made with fine, fresh snow that is shaved with a block ice shaver the ice is never crunchy.
  2. Shaved ice is served in various sizes of foam, paper or squat cups and is often rounded on the top of the cup served with a spoon straw and a spoon.
  3. Most commonly called Hawaiian shaved ice throughout the United States, SnoBalls (New Orleans), Shave Ice (Hawaii) or Shaver (North Carolina).
  4. Usually offered with a variety of flavors numbering from 10 to more than 70.
  5. Easy and quick to produce but still more time consuming than snow cones.
  6. Iced is shaved as ordered and cannot be shaved in advance.
  7. Often topped with a variety of shaved ice toppings or cream flavors.


  1. Snow Cones are made form snow cone machines that crush ice cubes (bag ice) into small pellets.
  2. Ice is crunchy.
  3. When flavor is added to ice, the flavor often runs to the bottom of the cup.
  4. Often served in one or two sizes – the most common is 6-ounce cone type cup and the ice is often rounded on top of the cone without a spoon straw.
  5. Ice is crushed ahead of time and dipped with a special nylon snow cone dipper.
  6. Easy and quick to make.
  7. Usually offered with a limited number of flavors 2 to 5.